The guy was 6ft 4, about 17 stone and was screaming threats 1 inch from my face.


It wasn’t scary. It was just loud.


Somehow, in his audition piece, this man had managed to bypass everything that made him dangerous, imposing and effective and completely minimise his impact.


size, it would seem, isn’t everything.


Once the ringing in my ears died down I asked him what his objective was..

“To make you scared, to warn you off”.

He had done neither. Ten mins later, having worked some actions and discovered true connection, he played the scene again and, with 99% less volume and aggression, nailed me with a laser like precision and intention from 8 ft away, became immediately terrifying and appeared much, much larger than his already imposing size.

A truthfully connected intention can send shivers down anyone’s spine regardless of your physical stature. Intention is everything. Size is not.


To you, the artist.