There is a principle in martial arts regarding the ability to be both forceful and yielding in equal measure. Its known as Silk and Steel.

I often find that actors tend to have a natural bias. Some are more comfortable in frontfooted roles while others have a softer tendency.   Neither is right or wrong but I would suggest its a good idea to be proficient in both.

It is a pleasant and welcome surprise when an artist can shift gear from one to the other comfortably, swiftly and accurately. There are surprising movie performances where an actor we know for a particular quality showcases a different one. Think Stallone in Copland, Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders, Tom Hanks in Road To Perdition
Your casting could change dramatically with this awareness. To Know where your going though, you need to know where you are.
So what are you, Silk or Steel?
To you, the artist.