I’m just listening to a producer proudly taking us round a set that features in a series we’re filming. As ever I’m blown away by the expense and detail they have gone to.

Ripping out existing spaces and replacing carpets and kitchens, wallpapering whole rooms and installing period radiators, drafting in incredible pieces of antique furniture. All of this will be undone when the shoot is over. When we commented on the sheer magnitude of what they had done he made a very astute comment…”well, its important, its part of the character “. It reminded me of the brilliant saying ‘the space is the third character’ . The idea being that your environment affects the way you play the scene. The environment should work on you as much as the other actors. I suppose a basic example from life would be arguing with your partner in the privacy of your home versus arguing with your partner in a busy supermarket. The public/private aspect, the familiarity or lack of familiarity with the space would all impinge on your relationship in that moment. A great way to embrace this idea is to explore status with the furnishings or use a technical point of concentration where you have to use as many of the props and furnishings as possible during a scene and justify it . Either way, Its lovely to see the setting manipulate behaviour and become an obstacle or support.

To you, the artist.