Brahms once remarked that the mark of an artist is how much he throws away.

Having been in rehearsals for The Oresteia at HOME in Manchester over these last three weeks, I am being consistently reminded of the need and necessity for ‘positive waste’.

We will never reach the goldmine of subconscious inspiration, the font of flow if we are not prepared to get messy in the process. The rehearsal space, thanks to the brilliant direction of Blanche McIntyre, has become a playful and brave environment where ideas are always tried before being discarded. I have had to repeatedly get over the need to apologise for time wasting and allow the space to commit to an idea to see what fruit it holds. Lo and behold, every time we have tried something, even if it has been discarded at the end, we have kept hold of at least one discovery that would never have revealed itself without running with the initial suggestion. In a sense we are panning for gold, sifting through the dross and keeping the bits that shine.

Its a glorious process that makes for bold and instinctive play.