One of our recommendations, nay, requirements at ICAT is that you fail.
A lot.
 In fact, fail BIG!

We like to encourage our students to get on their feet…. and fall flat on their faces.
The more people that witness your failure, the better. There is however, a catch. The ‘failee’ must be committed to an idea at the time. You see, in order to become a spontaneous, brave and bold artist, we must be prepared to leap into the unknown and not look down or madly flap our wings. We must catch the wind and soar on the back of sudden inspiration or fall, knowing that there is nothing to hurt us at the bottom. In fact, on the contrary, when you hit the ground there is nothing but a deep bed of feathers and pearls of wisdom to be collected. The actors who enthrall and inspire us tend to be those who have developed a thick skin through perceived failure in rehearsal spaces throughout their lives.
We have nothing to be ashamed of when we run with an idea that doesnt work. In fact, we have learned a great deal about what does work which is invaluable.
So fail often and fail big. But don’t fail to commit!
To you, the artist.