This time last year I wrote a piece called one shot. It was a reflection on the West End showcase that our graduates were about to take part in that day.

A year has passed and we find ourselves on our way to another industry gathering where the latest group are about to present themselves to agents and casting directors for scrutiny.

This process never gets any easier and, like a proud but nervous parent, you want to encourage your brood without smothering them. So many pieces of last minute advice flood your mind but you know that any more ‘helpful’ soundbites could tip them over the edge of prepared into flustered.
Ultimately, you have to trust. Trust that the work has been done. Trust that they will lock onto their objective as the key to freedom and allow the two years of submersive practice to do its thing.
I am proud as punch of these graduates. They have transformed before our eyes over these 24 months from slightly self aware, cautious players to freedom filled, specific and bold actors. So I am trusting. Trusting that who they are is enough to make that one shot count.
To you, the artist.