There is a great difference between acting for a hobby and acting for a living.

When one is a ‘hobbyist’, to quote the excellent Joseph Millson, one doesn’t have quite the same drive to succeed, or at least one is not quite under the same pressure.
The great depression era boxer James ‘Cinderella Man’ Braddock made a world famous comeback in 1935 as a 10-1 underdog beating Max Baer to the world heavyweight title surprising the entire globe and securing a large purse in the process ( When asked what motivated this remarkable turnaround against the obstacles of age and injury, Braddock answered with one word…”Milk”.
This beautifully simple but profound response encapsulated the driving force behind the jobbing actor.
What Braddock meant of course, was that the need to put food in his children’s stomachs in a period of great hardship made him overcome any physical and mental difficulty for the good of his family.
Those in the acting arena who wrestle self doubt, exhaustion, competition and failing motivation pull extraordinary things out of the bag when their livelihood depends on it.
Should we cut all ties to security outside the practice our craft to generate a similar drive?
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To you, the artist.