Nike got something right.
Just do it.
Having watched the final performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from our graduating second years at a tiny Manchester fringe venue, I was struck by the sense of community that is created when you take a passionate group of artists, willing friends and family and tell a story. Magic happens.

I have performed this play on stages around the world at least 100 times and yet there were moments of dialogue and relationship that I had never heard or seen as clearly as last night in that tiny, simple venue.
There is always something to discover, something fresh. If only we would trust that we are worthy of trying.
You don’t have to be a ‘recognised classical actor’ to work wonders with Shakespeare’s words. You don’t have to have an established company or huge fanbase before you think about creating your own work. Just do it!
No frills. No gimmicks. just passion and commitment.
We all have the right to be counted. We all have the right to step out confidently with a great play and make it our own.
Just do it. Really!
To you, the artist.