“Its all down to luck isnt it!?”
I can’t count how many people (non actors) have said that to me over the years in response to finding out that I haven’t been in Coronation Street yet (the apparent barometer for actor success).
“….Yeah ” I inevitably sigh, before quickly changing the subject.

So what do we really think? Are our career aspirations really at the mercy of fickle fortune? Must we really send dozens and dozens of roses to lady luck before she even considers returning our call?
Well, actually, I think  these Muggles (non acting folk!) are on to something.
I absolutely believe that it is down to luck. But before you take that as a signal to down tools, pick up a pot noodle and turn on Jeremy Kyle as a standard approach to your career development,  lets just define what I mean by luck.
You see, I would define luck as ‘preparation meeting opportunity’
The so called ‘lucky break’ that is so oft mentioned is not as random as you think.
Now that is both good and bad news. Good because it means you have influence, you can affect the outcome.  The more you put in, the more you get out.
Bad because it requires a lot of effort, but if you feel disappointed by that revelation you are definitely in the wrong business.
So, if you have committed yourself to regular class or practice and are keeping yourself specific,  playful and emotionally available you will find that a random meeting, last minute audition or reading could be the catalyst for great things. Don’t get caught (as I have ) off the boil, sluggish and unfocused. It could shut a thousand doors in one moment.
To you, the artist.