Firstly, my sincerest apologies for the enormous break in posts. I have been unbelievably busy doing a play and opening a second drama school. The good news is there’s lots to talk about!
I took my daughter bowling last week. I tried to impress her with my skills (not the greatest but not the worst).  I strode back to the seating area from my last roll, having flattened the pins in two go’s. As I did so, I glanced left and my smug grin dropped like a ton of bricks.

A guy three lanes down glided  lightly and gracefully toward the line and in one magical movement, dropped into his rolling stance and sent his bowling ball hurtling toward the pins as silently and smoothly as a swan gliding through water. The pins exploded every which way, a perfect strike. It was stunning, elegant, beautiful.
He held his pose, low centred, perfectly balanced, arm outstretched like a royal ballerina, then stood up and swaggered back to his mates with all the grace of a baboon and necked his pint!
I was reminded that everything and anything can become art. Anything can become beautiful. Its been said that a labourer uses his hands,  a craftsman his hands and head and an artist uses his hands, head and heart.
This bowler was an artist, he took the ordinary and made it beautiful. And when we are exposed to beauty, something inside us is fulfilled in a very unique and essential way. To be continued….
To you, the artist.