Welcome!  Exciting times. Having spent a year writing blogs for the ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training) website, I have decided to create a dedicated blog page.

I have really enjoyed processing discoveries and thoughts through these little articles and feedback from readers has been kind, positive and encouraging.

As an actor myself, I have been on a constant journey of enquiry and discovery and through forming companies like ICAT London and Northwest,  have been trying to create ways and means to grow and inspire myself and other passionate artists. I see this blog as a small extension of that journey.

I aim to upload at least one blog a week and there will also be excellent training opportunities, free gifts, book reviews, interviews, guest blogs, debates and general encouragement.
Most of it is just opinion so discard what you think is nonsense and retain whats not. Like all artists, I reserve the right to re-map, change my mind when I learn something new and my world gets bigger.

Thank you for joining me and please tell your friends, there is great strength in numbers.

To you, the artist.