Watch this very interesting chat between some well respected artists on career growth versus instant fame and the perceived differences between film, TV and theatre.


Go luck yourself!

“Its all down to luck isnt it!?”
I can’t count how many people (non actors) have said that to me over the years in response to finding out that I haven’t been in Coronation Street yet (the apparent barometer for actor success).
“….Yeah ” I inevitably sigh, before quickly changing the subject.
one shot 2


This time last year I wrote a piece called one shot. It was a reflection on the West End showcase that our graduates were about to take part in that day.

A year has passed and we find ourselves on our way to another industry gathering where the latest group are about to present themselves to agents and casting directors for scrutiny.
one shot


I am on the tube inbetween Kentish town and Camden the night before my 2nd year groups London showcase. Tomorrow, they stand in front of several of the countries leading agents at a west end theatre and, well, act.
The enormity of it hits me like a sucker punch.
2 years of talk will now become action. This is very possibly the biggest opportunity some of these group members will ever have and everything will count.

The Heart Of The Matter

Check out this lovely interview with the brilliant James Cosmo, more articles to come on the artists heart.

tank man

Size doesn’t matter

The guy was 6ft 4, about 17 stone and was screaming threats 1 inch from my face.


It wasn’t scary. It was just loud.


I have been pretty obsessed with the quality of listening in recent classes.
Stanislavski said that “the art of great acting is the art of great listening “.
Quite right. But its extraordinary how often this essential part of a transaction is missed.
car crash


My abiding memory of drama school was the plea from our esteemed head of department to ‘never take out insurance’.
A neat way of stopping us from apologising before, during or after a scene rehearsal.
This principle has stuck with me and, though I don’t always remember to practice it myself, I make a point of underpinning my students studies with it.


Fierce Intentionality

Things have been pretty busy at our school, ICAT. We have had a cracking  graduate production of Boeing Boeing, a busy time with our London school and a fantastic week with our course advisor, legendary theatre director Mike Alfreds.

As usual, over a season of heavy work, a pattern emerges. We begin to observe issues that weave through every class.

To you, the artist..

Welcome!  Exciting times. Having spent a year writing blogs for the ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training) website, I have decided to create a dedicated blog page.

I have really enjoyed processing discoveries and thoughts through these little articles and feedback from readers has been kind, positive and encouraging.