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GCSE drama anyone?
Like most high school drama classes, I often start my sessions with a ‘walking round the room exercise ‘.

and the winner is….

And the Winner of the Mike Alfreds Finding Freedom competition is….


extraordinary free gift for directors

International theatre legend Mike Alfreds will be teaching at the Independent Centre for Actor Training ( from the 11th-14th August on his ‘Finding Freedom’ course.

Mike has directed some of countries greatest actors, created Shared Experience theatre company and was an associate of the Royal National Theatre. Iain McKellen hailed him as one of Britain’s best directors.

He will be leading 12 actors through his famous principles using Chekhov’s The Seagull. We would like to offer one director the unique chance to sit in on the course and observe Mike for free. They will of course be able to ask Mike questions about his and their own career. A remarkable development opportunity.

To win the place (and you must be able to provide CV based proof that you are a trainee or professional director) please email with your CV and complete the following phrase from Mikes brilliant book ‘Different Every Night':

‘The actors art is the art of…….’

The first director to send the complete phrase correctly will sit alongside Mike in two weeks time.

Good luck all!



There is a great difference between acting for a hobby and acting for a living.


Kurt Cobain, Philip Seymour Hoffman, van Gogh, river Phoenix, Heath Ledger.
Self mutilation. Suicide. Accidental overdose.
It would seem that, while not exclusive to the arts, there is a well documented connection between artistry and self harm.
My favourite quote about acting is by sir Laurence Olivier;  ‘there is no greater job than that given to the actor, to teach the human heart the knowledge of itself’.
Could it be that, in living from the heart, the creative centre, the birthplace of desire, artists are thereby more vulnerable to the overwhelming realization that satisfaction will never arrive? In prompting others to awaken their own hearts through music, painting, word and story, we fall prey to the reality that there is no true fulfillment to be found? Not this side of death anyway.
Our world is slowly suffocating the hearts of it’s inhabitants. Through consumerism, porn (or excess in any area), violence and cheap, shallow entertainment we are numbing the hearts of our children and making true connection more and more difficult.

calculation has replaced concern, sex has replaced sensitivity and greed has replaced giving.


Watch this very interesting chat between some well respected artists on career growth versus instant fame and the perceived differences between film, TV and theatre.


Go luck yourself!

“Its all down to luck isnt it!?”
I can’t count how many people (non actors) have said that to me over the years in response to finding out that I haven’t been in Coronation Street yet (the apparent barometer for actor success).
“….Yeah ” I inevitably sigh, before quickly changing the subject.
one shot 2


This time last year I wrote a piece called one shot. It was a reflection on the West End showcase that our graduates were about to take part in that day.

A year has passed and we find ourselves on our way to another industry gathering where the latest group are about to present themselves to agents and casting directors for scrutiny.
one shot


I am on the tube inbetween Kentish town and Camden the night before my 2nd year groups London showcase. Tomorrow, they stand in front of several of the countries leading agents at a west end theatre and, well, act.
The enormity of it hits me like a sucker punch.
2 years of talk will now become action. This is very possibly the biggest opportunity some of these group members will ever have and everything will count.

The Heart Of The Matter

Check out this lovely interview with the brilliant James Cosmo, more articles to come on the artists heart.