My name is Simon Trinder, I am an actor/director/writer/practitioner. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds most exciting companies, directors and actors for which I am deeply and eternally grateful. In 2007 I founded the Independent Centre for Actor Training  which has schools in the Northwest of England and London. Most of the observations on this page come from time spent in classes there. You can read more about me via this link

To you, the artist is an ongoing exploration of principles and purpose for actors of any age and experience, born of my own curiosity. There are essays and articles, tips on technique, opportunities to train,, guest bloggers, discussions as well as free gifts.

As no one is ever complete, the opinions and ideas on this site may change as I grow. Above all, I hope you will feel encouraged and  motivated by the site as well as able to offer your own thoughts.

It can be difficult in this industry to take yourself seriously as an artist and I have only been made braver by good friends and colleagues who inspire me with their dedication to and love for the very powerful and noble craft of acting. This blog is a hopefully passionate journey of discovery that I would love you to join me on for as many miles as you wish.

To you….